The Down and Dirty on Cruise Savings

If you haven’t taken a cruise lately, you might be surprised by the variety of offerings now available. No longer are cruises the sole province of greasy buffets, cheesy dance contests and screaming kids – some of the newer ships are downright luxurious, offering five star dining created by celebrity chefs and onboard activities to [...]

5 Easy Ways to Save More Money

If I’ve learned anything in my work as a financial planner during the past eight years, it’s that if something is too hard to implement in our financial lives, chances are we just won’t do it.  Most of us know the importance of saving for financial goals, but go about saving all wrong—and therefore make [...]

Squeezing in a Last Minute Summer Getaway

It’s not too late to squeeze in a last-minute summer getaway.  Whether you’re looking for something adrenaline pumping or serene   – there’s no doubt that creating a budget will help you plan. Here are seven budget-friendly tips to help you make your dollar and your fun go farther. 1. Budget first.  Before you plan anything, [...]

Are credit reports being overused?

Lenders, potential employers or landlords aren’t the only one clamoring for access to your personal credit history. Some health care providers use it to decide whether or not patients can afford costly medical treatment. And even the federal health insurance marketplace,, uses it to verify applicants’ identities.

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