Why wasn’t I asked to sign for my credit purchase?

During the week, I often make stops after work to pick up a few things — milk, groceries for the night, toiletries and/or an impulse clearance find. On several occasions after swiping my card for these items, I wasn’t prompted to sign for my purchase. I had the terminal pen in hand, all ready to sign on that magnetic terminal pad. But instead, the cashier handed me a receipt and said I was "good to go."

Investing: What the heck is a Larry Portfolio?

Recently, I wrote a three-part series on how to start investing. Today, I want to look at an advanced topic. Generally, I avoid advanced topics in investing, for two reasons: 1. Most people don’t even have a grasp of beginner-level investing yet. 2. The vast majority of “advanced” investing techniques can’t beat a simple, diversified portfolio [...]

Blinded by sign-up bonus rewards points

For the first time in perhaps decades, I received a payment overdue notice. I applied for the American Express Premier Rewards Gold card in early spring to take advantage of its 50,000 Membership Rewards points bonus offer with the $175 annual fee waived the first year. I was approved and had to spend $1,000 within three months to get the points.

Spending the $1,000 wasn’t a problem. Paying the bill in a timely manner was.

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