No food for you: Obama’s credit card spurned by NYC eatery

OK, show of hands: How many of you would have the crust to reject a credit card presented for payment, in person, by a fella named Barack Obama?
It happened recently to the President of the United States of America. While in New York City Sept. 24 to address assembled world leaders at the United Nations, the most powerful man in the world had his credit card spurned at a New York City eatery.

Colleges should re-evaluate tuition payment policies

While conducting a survey of 300 higher education institution’s credit card payment policies for, I learned there are many factors that play into whether colleges and universities accept credit card tuition payments but, at the end of the day, it seemed to me that schools can do more to keep card payment fees lower and the convenience high.

The 411 on 401(k)s

You got the job. Congratulations! At the orientation, the benefits office is going to give you a huge booklet about your retirement plan (or a link to a website that would cause a laser printer to catch fire if you tried to print it all). Here’s what not to do: Set the booklet aside, promise [...]

By blinding retailers, mobile payments may boost privacy

If Apple Pay and similar mobile payment systems catch on with enough people, it will help undermine the data broker industry, which has been collecting and selling people’s purchase histories for years. It may also help attract more privacy and security-conscious cardholders to mobile payments, which have struggled to gain traction with consumers.<p><a href="">Continue reading…</a></p>

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