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Managing your money can be intimidating, but the right mix of tools and techniques can make personal finance quite simple. For those of you who already stay on top of your personal finances through, congrats! You’re already using a tool that’s powerful, reliable, simple and free to help you be good with your money. […] Survey Reveals Financial Resolutions for 2015

It may not come as a big surprise since we all know that Mint users are financially savvy – but saving for a big purchase and paying off debt reign supreme for Mint users when it comes to their 2015 financial resolutions! In a recent Mint survey, millennials revealed that their top financial stressor included debt (think student loans), saving for retirement, and […]

Study: The rise and fall of financial optimism

Being overly optimistic about your finances can potentially hinder smart financial planning, according to a LearnVest survey which found people under 25 feel confident about their financial future and potential earnings, despite doing very little planning and saving now.

Saving Through the Ages

Reputable financial advisors, websites and your mom say to save for retirement, college, a down payment for a home and emergencies. A typical response might be,  “Yeah, but how much?” and “When?” Libraries of books have been written on this subject. The implication is that determining your proper savings rate involves solving differential equations, brushing […]

3 New Year’s credit resolutions I intend to keep

In the spirit of moving forward and continuing to grow financially, I’ve come up with three credit-based financial goals I want to accomplish by the end of 2015. They aren’t huge, but I think these are all resolutions I can easily stick to. Here’s my credit plan for the New Year:

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