Squeezing in a Last Minute Summer Getaway

It’s not too late to squeeze in a last-minute summer getaway.  Whether you’re looking for something adrenaline pumping or serene   – there’s no doubt that creating a budget will help you plan. Here are seven budget-friendly tips to help you make your dollar and your fun go farther. 1. Budget first.  Before you plan anything, [...]

Are credit reports being overused?

Lenders, potential employers or landlords aren’t the only one clamoring for access to your personal credit history. Some health care providers use it to decide whether or not patients can afford costly medical treatment. And even the federal health insurance marketplace, HealthCare.gov, uses it to verify applicants’ identities.

So you want to break-up with your store card…

The new cardholder perks have worn off and reports of rising APRs, complex rewards programs and the spending temptation the card creates have settled in and you’re ready to close your retail credit card account. However, you might have other options. Here are a few suggestions based on common retail credit card woes:

Back to School: Be Money Smart

People always told me that college is fun. That it would be the best years of my life. But what those people didn’t mention was that while college is definitely fun, it’s also woefully expensive. I’m not just talking about tuition and room & board; I’ve found that those expenses are only the tip of [...]

Critics give proposal to lower student debt a failing grade

In its attempts to hold colleges, universities and vocational schools more accountable for the student debt they generate, the U.S. Department of Education has so far pleased few. Its proposed gainful employment rule is suffering a Goldilocks syndrome in which the public complains it’s either too hot (goes too far) or too cold (not far enough). So far no one seems happy with the temperature as it stands.

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