What You Don’t Know Can Cost You

When it comes to your financial health, what you don’t know can cost you. Just like the annual physical with your doctor keeps your body’s health on track, knowing your financial vital signs can save you money and help you keep fiscally fit. Match your financial knowledge in the categories below to see where you […]

Bidding spirited for Kurt Cobain credit card

Though we didn’t hear it often during his reign as the chain-smoking, bed-haired, cardigan-clad enfant terrible of Seattle’s grunge rock scene, a few hoarse chuckles from the late Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain are no doubt hovering over the latest celebrity online auction. If anything could tickle Cobain’s funny bone, it would have been the sight of his old SeaFirst Bank Visa credit card going to the highest bidder at "Legendary: Memorabilia from Rock Gods & Pop Stars," presented by auctioneer Paddle8 through Feb. 26.

Don’t let your ‘side hustle’ become a full-time headache

An additional source of income can help you pay down debt or save for retirement, but the more you work, the more dollars and taxes you have to keep straight. Whatever your "side hustle" of choice is, here are a few tips for keeping your finances on track as you take on extracurricular employment:

#BeMintValentine Giveaway: Share the Love!

Every Valentine’s Day, we bestow gifts on those we love. But why not share something that will last a lifetime, like the chance to be good with your money? Today through Monday, February 16th (at 11:59pm PT), visit our Twitter and Facebook pages and share why you love Mint for a chance to win some […]

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