2014 Midyear Checkup List

While most people really only take a good look at their finances at the beginning of the year (Did you make resolutions to get out of debt? Save more?), and then again at tax time, it’s a good idea to review your monetary situation now. Why? We’re halfway through the year and it’s time to [...]

Feds working to build cybersecurity defenses

After writing about a study that revealed consumers want more federal government involvement in cybersecurity and data breach resolution, I wanted to learn what, if anything, is happening on the federal government level that addresses these concerns.
As it turns out, there’s been quite a bit of activity on the subject this year, especially in recent weeks.

Twitter Chat: Wedding Budget 101

Are you recently engaged and stressed about all of your upcoming wedding expenses? Are you in multiple bridal parties this summer/fall? Are you a newlywed who has questions about managing your finances as a married couple? We’re partnering up with Vera Gibbons, Mint Contributor and Personal Finance expert, to host a live #MintBrides Twitter Chat [...]

A Visual Guide to the American BBQ

There’s nothing like the combination of outdoor cooking and perfect weather to make any summer complete. From America’s favorite BBQ foods to the world’s largest BBQ competition, the following infographic explores BBQs across America, and will ensure you’re ready to master the grill this summer! Click on “Launch Infographic” for an expanded view.

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