Pay off student loans or invest more?

Are you paying off student loans? If so, you’ve probably heard some version of this advice: “The sooner you start investing, the more time your portfolio has to grow through the magic of compound interest. But if you wait to get started until your student loans have been totally paid off, you’ll miss out on [...]

Consumers want national data breach notification policies

In the case of a data breach, what consumers don’t know can hurt them.A study conducted by the National Consumer League and Javelin Strategy and Research revealed that many victims of fraud don’t know how their information was compromised. As a result, they want more protection as they fear the unknown.

TSA: No card-shaped shanks on a plane

It was bound to happen: Once the credit card form factor was adapted to house the ultra-thin, 21st century version of the Swiss Army Knife, its days as an unrestricted carry-on for domestic and international air travel were numbered.

As handy as it is to have a card-sized utility tool tucked away in your wallet, the Transportation Safety Administration has been confiscating them like crazy lately because they qualify as a potential hijacking threat.

That’s right: TSA won’t allow shanks on a plane.

Wishing you a Minty 4th of July

It’s that time of year again – time to fly the star spangled banner high, give thanks for our freedom, and let the fireworks sparkle. We know you have been working hard to reach those financial goals – from paying off student loans to saving for that down payment to just getting by – so [...]

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